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 Karate for Developing Confidence

Day in and day out assaults on confidence and personal self-esteem attack kids in every environment possible. At school, a bully makes fun of your child, at home your child tries to accomplish a task he thinks he can manage but then fails, in the neighborhood your child tries to play basketball with the other kids but is the last one picked for the teams, homework comes home and your child gets easily frustrated by a simple math problem and continues on a downward spiral of low self-esteem.

But how do parents identify if their child suffers from low self-esteem and thus a low confidence level? Here are a few areas you should probably take a look at:
“I Quit” Attitude – Your child may not say the words “I Quit” but it could be all over his or her expression. Upon starting something, whether it is a game, an activity, a sport, or homework your child may get easily frustrated and remark that doing the work or activity is not worth it, he may not want to attend the event, or he may get in an angry or upset mood at the slightest bit of difficulty with the task.
Physical Body Language – You often see your child walk with her head held low looking at the ground as she walks. Parents with children that have low confidence also notice that their children tend to keep their hands in their pockets and not very eager to point, handle, or get excited about touching an object of interest like a new ball or perhaps an exhibit at school. A final demonstration of how low confidence might demonstrate itself through body language is an unwillingness to ever be a leader or to do something for the first time. Usually these children would rather follow others than step up to the front.
Bullying – Children who have low confidence are the very first to get bullied or picked on at school. Your child may never be in a physical confrontation, but the verbal assaults by other children that are inflicted to demean your child often do more damage to confidence than physical blows.
Grades – Confidence and good grades are directly tied together. Those students who posses high confidence tend to do better in school than those that don’t. One reason could be because your child feels too embarrassed to ask questions of the teacher, another could be because he or she does not want to appear “dumb” or “stupid” in front of his or her classmates. Homework often tends to end up in a battle between frustrated parents and anxious children to complete the work given.
How can karate benefit a child with low confidence? In elementary school the primary purpose of the educator is to provide the necessary skills or reading, writing, and arithmetic to the student in order for him or her to function successfully in school. In a certified karate center, the instructor's primary purpose is to teach martial arts related to the attitude of a Black Belt, such as confidence, self-control, perseverance, and above all an “I Can” attitude.
A qualified instructor at a karate center can effectively motivate your child to succeed to his or her best and can help the child gain a sense of worth and accomplishment through an active goal setting program. It is important, however, that when a parent is choosing a karate program for a child, that the parent looks at the center that teaches more than just punching and kicking. An excellent karate center will have a “Life Skills” program designed to influence your child in and out of karate and their instructors should be willing to work with you to help you and your child reach the attitude and behavioral goals you set from the beginning of the program.
There is hope out there for parents and children that need help in the area of confidence and low self-esteem and it may be just one kick away!
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