Seigler Karate
 Karate for Adults

When you think of self-discipline, learning to defend yourself, and being in top physical condition – you think of karate. For thousands of years, adults have engaged in this discipline of mind, body, and heart melding together to form a perfect cohesion of a martial artist in motion. The health benefits alone have made martial arts a time honored classic for losing weight and gaining physical fitness through the innovative workout routines that involve the total body. Utilizing warm up routines, punches, kicks, and other self-defense techniques karate practitioners begin to see immediate development in their arms, abs, and thighs.
For years, the military, police, and other safety officials have used the effective techniques from karate to defend themselves against combatants. Karate then became the official and best method for personal defense amongst men, women, and teens of all ages because of it’s easy ability to defend one’s self without the use of weapon or “empty hand”, which is what the word “karate” actually means.
Self-disipline, which is at the forefront of every certified karate center develops each man or woman to become the person they have always yearned to be. Having the discipline to stick to a fitness routine, earn a Black Belt, become a leader, and develop a positive mindset are all aspects that an adult student of any age can learn from being involved in martial arts.
While it is true that many people begin putting their children or teenagers into karate, it does not mean that adults are too old or ineligible to receive the benefits of karate training. The average adult karate student at most karate centers tends to be in their late 30’s. It is not uncommon for students in their 50’s or 60’s to get involved simply because of all the health benefits that karate training offers.
At any stage of life, whether man or woman, karate is what you want to get involved in if you wish to develop yourself mind, body,and heart. All that is waiting is for you to take your first step towards changing your life!


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