Seigler Karate
 Karate Center Rules

Just as any place of higher learning has rules for the behavior of its students and guests, we do as well. Parents can help reinforce what our instructors teach children about discipline in class by enforcing good behavior in our school.


 1. There will only be positive language allowed in the school. Negative statements such as cursing will not be tolerated. At no time should any student or parent belittle or down grade another student. Only helpful encouragement will be allowed.


2. All students must remove his/her shoes before stepping onto the mat. (Parents, please stay off the mat area. Coming on the mat or shouting from the seating area will do nothing but distract your child and disrupt other children as well.)


3. Parents, please arrive five minutes BEFORE your class to allow enough time to change your clothes and prepare yourself for class.


4. ALL students must use the dressing room or rest room facilities to change clothes.


5. No student at any time should wear his or her belt outside of the dojo (school). Belts are the outwards expression of the achievement you have made in the martial arts. Please remove your belt before leaving the dojo so as not to appear boastful of your belt rank in front of the public.


6. Jewelry such as earrings, watches, rings, and necklaces should not be worn in class.


7. No cell phones in the seating area.. If you must take a call, please do so outside. Also, please turn your phone to vibrate or off when entering the school.


8. Viewers of our classes should keep noise to a minimum. Our school is built around family and we love having parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends watch our classes. If you do bring visitors, please let them know they need to keep noise to a minimum so as not to disrupt the ongoing class. As always, young children MUST BE SUPERVISED at all times.

 Uniform Dress Code

Fall / Winter Dress Code (October 1 - March 31)

Students in our Basic Program should wear their Basic Uniform which consists of their Black Gi Top and Pants, or, if in our Lil’ Dragons program, the Lil’ Dragons Gi Top and Pants. Black Belt Training students may wear their Black Belt Training uniform to class and Masters Training students may wear their Masters Training uniform to class.

Spring / Summer Dress Code (April 1 - September 30)

Students may wear a Seigler’s Karate Center school T-shirt along with their Basic, Lil’ Dragons, Black Belt Training or Masters Training Gi Pants.

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